Volleyball Alumni Having Success at the Next Level

TCA congratulates, Jennifer Torres-Perez, Class of 2017, for being the NAIA Defensive Player of the Week! Jennifer began her college career playing for Florida State College of Jacksonville, and had the opportunity to transfer to Xavier University of Louisiana (XULA) for her junior and senior year. While at TCA, Jennifer was an honor roll student, and started on the varsity volleyball team her 10th-12th grade seasons. She helped lead the TCA team to their first district championship win in nearly 20 years and helped bring home the Regional Runner Up trophy for the first time in school history! Read more about Jennifer’s award and record breaking season HERE.

TCA also would like to congratulate, Melea Meadows, Class of 2018, for being named the SSAC Defender of the Week for October 19-25. Melea received a scholarship to the University of Mobile to play volleyball. She also was one of TCA’s homeschool athletes who played volleyball for TCA from 8th-12th grade (varsity from 10th-12th), and always represented our school and Christ with integrity and excellence. Melea was teammates with Jennifer and was an integral part of the 2016 District Championship and Regional Runner Up team mentioned above. You can read more about Melea’s achievements playing volleyball at the next level HERE.

In an exciting twist of fate, their teams will faceoff on November 13, 7pm, at the University of Mobile’s Pharr Gym.  You can watch Jennifer and Melea’s teams play against each other live on November 13 HERE.

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